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Luhr-Jensen Hidden Weight Sundays!

The Great Salmon Hunt has teamed up with Luhr-Jensen to create the Luhr-Jensen Hidden Weight Sundays weekly giveaway with a retail value of $500!

One lucky Lake Ontario Salmon weighed on each Sunday will qualify as the Luhr-Jensen hidden weight!

The Luhr-Jensen Hidden Weight weekly prize includes:

1 LJ Legacy Moocher 10’6” M

10 Coyote Cyclone (mixed sizes & colours)

1 Luhr-Jensen Salmon Skin Cap

1 Luhr-Jensen Riding the Wave Cap

1 Luhr-Jensen Decal

The Luhr-Jensen Hidden Weight Sundays Contest is a weekly contest with five (5) opportunities to win. The contest days are as follows:

Sunday, August 2

Sunday, August 9

Sunday, August 16

Sunday, August 23

Sunday, August 30

Good luck to all participants!

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