1. The Great Salmon Hunt starts 12:00 am August 1, 2020 and ends at 4:00 pm on September 6, 2020 (hereinafter referred to as the “Derby”).

  2. Week 1 to Week 4 of the Derby starts on Saturdays at 12:00 am and ends Fridays at 11:59 pm and Week 5 starts Saturday, August 29 at 12:00 am and ends Sunday, September 6 at 4:00 pm.

  3. Weekly cash and prizes will be based on the overall top five (5) big fish of the week, which will also be used to determine the overall top three (3) big fish prizes of the event.

  4. Participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a participating adult in order to be eligible for prizes.

  5. All Derby tickets must be purchased a minimum of one day prior to the day of competing in the event. 

  6. Participants must be in possession of their ticket at all times.

  7. The eligible fish species is Chinook and Coho Salmon.

  8. All fish must be greater than 25 lbs to be eligible for weekly and overall prizes and encourage anglers to practice catch and release should fish be less weight than the last pay spot of the week.  However, all fish regardless of size, are eligible for Catch & Release Contingencies set out by the Derby.

  9. Participants are eligible for one top five prize per week but may upgrade their week’s big fish by eliminating their recorded big fish for that week. 

  10. There is no limit to the number of weekly contingencies prizes that a participant is eligible to win during the Derby. 

  11. The Great Salmon Hunt is solely responsible for the weekly and over all cash prizes. The Great Salmon Hunt is not responsible for sponsored prizes. Advertised prizes may be substituted with prizes of equal or greater value.

  12. Official winners will be posted within 24 hours pending verification of information given from weigh stations.

  13. Prize winners will be notified at the conclusion of the Derby. 

  14. Cheques shall be mailed to the individual prize winners on or before September 14, 2020.

  15. Charter Boats must be registered with the Derby in order for chartered clients to be eligible for prizes. Charter Boat Ticket is $500.00

  16. The Derby does not endorse any particular charter boat and as a condition of entering the Derby, each captain, employees of the charter boat and their clients release The Great Salmon Hunt, its directors and officers, affiliates, agents, sponsors and assigns from any and all liability that may be occasioned to any of them as a consequence of participating in the Derby.

  17. Charter/Boat Captain is required to validate the client’s catch prior to weighing in by contacting the Derby Official by telephone, text or email. 

  18. Single Day Ticket must be validated at the time of purchase prior to the outing. The cost for a Single Day Ticket is $25.00 per day.

  19. Berkley Family Ticket Cost is $200.00 which includes 2 Adults and 2 Juniors from the same household.

  20. Junior Angler Ticket Cost is $25.00. Juniors must be under the age of 16.

  21. Angler Ticket Cost is $120.00.

  22. Salmon Masters Ticket Cost is $120.00 (must have Angler Ticket to participate and must be purchased 48 hours prior to use). In addition to being eligible to win the event prizes, $100 from each Salmon Masters Ticket purchased (available online only) will be added to the Salmon Masters Jackpot. At the conclusion of The Great Salmon Hunt the three (3) overall heaviest salmon weighed in by Salmon Masters ticket holders ONLY will divide the Salmon Masters Jackpot as follows: 50%-30%-20%. Salmon Masters are permitted to enter one big fish but may upgrade at any time during the Derby eliminating their recorded big fish. 

  23. Taxes are included in all ticket prices.

  24. When purchasing tickets online be sure to print and sign the ticket immediately alternatively provide digital proof with photo ID. Falsified entries will result in immediate disqualification and prize forfeiture.

  25. All persons aboard the same boat must be registered in the Derby to be eligible for prizes. Random checks may be conducted by Derby officials at any time.

  26. Participants fishing from a boat must ensure rods in use reflect the amount of Derby ticket holders.  

  27. Proof of ticket and signing off will be required when registering a fish affirming the integrity of the catch.  All data recorded on the official weigh in form shall be final. 

  28. All fishing must be in Lake Ontario, its harbours and adjoining rivers, therefore shoreline participants are welcome.

  29. All participants must possess a valid fishing license for the waters they are fishing unless exempted by law.

  30. Participants shall abide by fishing regulations of Ontario MNR, the DOT regulations and all municipal by-laws. Non-abiding participants shall be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

  31. Anyone can and should immediately report all suspicious practice or behaviour to Derby officials/director and/or official weigh stations.

  32. All participants must produce their Derby ticket when weighing in a fish.

  33. All fish must be weighed in at an official Derby weigh station as set out on the website www.thegreatsalmonhunt.com. Please note, hours may vary from station to station.

  34. A fish shall be entered only once and shall be marked at the weigh station.

  35. A Derby fish may also be used for other events however must be weighed and marked by The Great Salmon Hunt official scales or will not be eligible.

  36. All fish entered must be legally hooked. Any evidence of net, gaff, snag marks, frozen, badly deteriorated, gutted, artificially weighed, excessive internal water, or in any way tampered with shall immediately be disqualified. 

  37. Derby officials may hold any fish for examination including biological examination therefore leader fish must remain intact and untampered with for 24 hours.

  38. All fish shall be weighed in on the day they were caught.  Fish caught after scales close can be weighed in the following morning however must be reported by email, voicemail or text message prior to midnight in order to be eligible.

  39. At the discretion of the Derby officials, participants may be required to take a polygraph test. Disqualification shall result if a participant refuses to or is found to be unfit to take polygraph test.

  40. In the case of a tie based on weight, the winner shall be determined by the first fish recorded on the official weigh in forms.

  41. All prize winners must arrange to pick up their prizes at participating tackle stores closest to them or prizes can be shipped at the winner’s expense.

  42. All prize winners shall be responsible for the payment of any taxes or duties which are applicable to the prize(s) won.

  43. Participants of the Derby compete at their own risk.  By paying the entry fee the participant releases The Great Salmon Hunt, The Spring Fishing & Boat Show, Canadian Outdoor Sports Shows and all event sponsors, weigh stations or anyone affiliated with The Great Salmon Hunt from any and all liability, claims and responsibility of any nature to the participant or his/her heirs, executors, personal representatives, and representatives for any loss or damage of properties or for any injury suffered in any way from this Derby.

  44. The Great Salmon Hunt reserves the right to amend the rules and regulations as it sees fit.

  45. The Great Salmon Hunt officials’ decisions are final.

  46. All ticket sales are final, non-refundable, non-transferable, no exceptions.

  47. By paying the entry fee, each participant acknowledges that he/she has read, understood, and will abide by the rules of the Derby and agrees that failure to comply with any of the rules will result in immediate disqualification, forfeiture of all prizes and the right to enter any future Great Salmon Hunt events. Participants agree to allow, without charge,  The Great Salmon Hunt to use their names and photographs for promotional purposes.

  48. The Derby reserves the right to deny any participants in its events.

  49. Should the 2020 Great Salmon Hunt be cancelled due to COVID-19, all tickets purchased will be credited and permitted to be upgraded for the 2021 Great Salmon Hunt.

  50. Contact Derby Director via phone/text 416-802-2277 or email andrew@fishandboatshow.com for any clarification of rules, after hour reporting, or suspicious activity.